Nose surgery, or some might say a nose job is a surgical process opted for by people who want to achieve an asthetically appealing nose shape. The surgery focuses on shifting the bones and cartilage inside your nose to fix the contours. If you find your nose shape unsatisfactory, your best option is to get a nose job.

Despite the popularity of nose jobs in the era of openness to cosmetic surgery, one has to consider the price that they have to pay to get it done. Nose surgery cost in Pune depends on a variety of factors which we will learn in the following article

Types of nose surgery

Before we dive into the price factor of nose surgery, we need to identify the various types of surgery options available to us.


Rhinoplasty surgery is the most common form of corrective nose surgery that is recommended for someone who wants to enhance their nose shape. The main focus of the surgery is to balance out the nose shape to make it match your facial structure. There are three types of rhinoplasty surgery which are mentioned below.


A lot of people suffer from nose blockage or nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum. A deviated septum can arise out of a nose injury or abnormality. Nasal stuffiness is frustrating hence the septum must be treated with a septoplasty surgery.

Cost of nose surgery in Pune?

Nose surgery, much like other cosmetic surgery, is expensive in India. However the prices are not the same everywhere and some cities are relatively more expensive than others. You need to be aware of the fact that insurance does not cover the cost of the surgery except for some medical insurance. Make sure to talk to your surgeon about the same to get the best judgment.

The first thing that we have to know is that the average cost of nose surgeries in some of the big cities ranges from approximately Rs. 23,000 at Jaipur all the way up to Rs. 55,000 in states such as Chennai and New Delhi. In Pune, however, the minimum cost of the surgery is around Rs. 22,000, and the maximum is approximately Rs. 1,00,000.

The cost of surgery in Pune also varies from one hospital to another. There are premium hospitals with better pieces of equipment and team that will cost you more than normal hospitals. Choosing a hospital is completely dependent on the affordability and discretion of the person who wants to get it done.

Guidelines to maintain after getting a nose surgery

Nasal surgery requires some form of incision, so it is essential to be careful after getting it done. Expect some bruising and swelling around the area for a few days after the surgery. The patient might experience other side effects, such as bleeding, numbness, or inflammation.

The surgeon will usually recommend you wear a nasal splint during the recovery period, which protects your nose and holds the shape together. In addition, recovery guidelines often include the following:

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