Can Tattoos get Permanently removed?

Tattoos are desired by most people and act as an ornament for your skin if it is done right. Some people remain unsatisfied with their tattoos and want to get them removed. Thanks to technological advancement, It is now clinically possible to get permanent tattoo removal in Pune, but for that, you have to visit your nearby Cosmetic clinic.

If you are looking for permanent tattoo removal in Pune, you need to know that it can be expensive and often complicated since most of the inks are placed beneath the skin. If you are looking forward to knowing more about how to remove your tattoos permanently, then you are in the right place. 

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Reason to get your tattoos removed

If you are unhappy with your tattoos, you might want them removed. Over time tattoos either fade out or, with the changes in the body, look stretched or out of place. Tattoo inks can also cause allergic reactions, skin inflammation, and itchiness after some time which is why you might want them off your skin.

Keep in mind that there are risks of scarring and skin discoloration after the procedures.


Types of tattoo removal procedures

There are ways by which tattoos can be permanently removed from your skin. The procedures discussed below are your options for the Permanent removal of tattoos in Pune and are accompanied by local anesthesia.


Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a popular method to remove tattoos that uses a variety of Q-switched lasers to focus an energy pulse on removing the tattoos from your skin. Local anesthesia cream is first applied into the area to ensure that the place is numb. The heat released from the powerful laser slowly burns away the tattoo ink.

  • The type of laser and its wavelength depends on various kinds of skin pigments and the color of ink used on your tattoo.
  • Some visual side effects are a given, provided a high-powered pulse is used on your skin. Blistering, swelling and bleeding are some of the more commonly seen side effects after the treatment.
  • To permanently erase the tattoo, you must undergo multiple laser treatments to bring out the clear skin gradually.
  • An antibacterial solution must be applied after taking a proper prescription from your doctor to ensure your skin heals.

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Surgical removal

In the case of smaller tattoos, they can be surgically removed once and for all. After applying anesthesia, your surgeon will remove the tattooed portion of the skin with a scalpel. Once that is done, the skin will be stitched together like in other surgeries.

Much like laser treatments, the antibacterial ointment has to be applied to help you heal, as this method leaves behind a scar.



Dermabrasion is a tattoo removal procedure that utilizes a rapidly rotating device that sands away the outer layer of the skin along with the tattoos. Usually, the process occurs after the skin is chilled to numbness, and then the device is used to scrape the ink.

After the surgery, your skin might feel a little sore, and it takes up to a couple of weeks to get back to normal. The process, however, is less effective, so people often choose laser removal to remove their tattoos.

By now, you must know how tattoos can be removed effectively and permanently. If you are looking for permanent tattoo removal in Pune, visit Karishma Cosmetic Clinic, as we offer excellent treatment results with our team of excellent doctors at your disposal.

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